A fun little dance slash love medley.

The score for this piece has been made available online.

Amorama was composed for a fun little musical challenge on the theme of love ❤️ with the constraint of using the rarely-sighted 13/16 metre. Often, music is made for more balanced, basic metres such as 4/4, 3/4, and 6/8. For some reason, we seem to prefer small subdivisions of 2 or 3. We can still apply this principle with 13/16 though, and it turns out that's what most contestants did. :)

I chose to blend Cuban rhythms, some sweet little tunes, and—since it's February—various love themes (see if you recognise any!). The piece is scored for violin, piano, double bass, castanets (the clacky things), and drums. The violin and piano are responsible for the melody, while the bass, castanets, and drums primarily generate rhythm and provide the swaying dance line.

As encouraged by Spotify advertisements, go and dance with abandon!

Happy Valentine's Day, God bless, and enjoy~ ❤️

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