An interactive fractions game for elementary students made using Felgo/QML.

Fractons is an educational, interactive fractions game for elementary students made using Felgo/QML. The project is published online along with a release build for macOS.


  • Exp + Levelling Mechanics 📈
  • Clean, slick, and bubbly UI
  • 5 different question modes!
  • 40+ achievements (including secret achievements! 🤫)
  • Statistics, to see how well you're doing
  • Fun little lottery system
  • Number pad (for mobile/tablets), configurable in settings
  • Daily quests! 🤠
  • SFX and background music 🎵
  • Floating fractions in the background (with the occasional secret! 🤫)
  • Notifications to notify you when you level up, complete a quest, or earn an achievement


Fractons: Main Menu

Main menu. Daily quests are on the left. Achievements, statistics on the top left. Notifications and settings on the top right.

Fractons: Solver UI

Solving questions in Balance mode. How fast can you fill in the question mark?

Tons of achievements to try to earn!


Fractons was originally programmed in Flash/Actionscript 2.0 for a ninth grade design project targetting fifth/sixth graders. It was later reprogrammed in a more appealing UI with user engagement features such as daily quests and a lottery.

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